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Why Is SEO Expensive?

Welcome back Rankers! Still buzzing about officially being made a Google Premier Partner this week. Nothing to do with SEO; it’s all down to the great work of our AdWords team. So if you need your Adwords looked after by a Google Premier Partner. Just saying. Now last week we had the SEMrush pizza Thursday, Read More

Don’t Show Google Everything!

Part of SEO is making sure that what Google sees, is exactly what you want it to see. Nothing more nothing less. Lots of sites though, especially Government ones, let Google into see everything. As you will see in today’s show there is least one file I found that, the Victorian Government expressly said they Read More

How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google

In last week’s show I pointed out how we had received fake pretty nasty reviews and asked you if could leave a nice one. Many of you did so thanks. This is a big problem for a lot of businesses and I have seen this many times over the years. Competitors leaving fake reviews and Read More

You May be a Spammer & Not Know It.

Google announced recently that they are going to start alerts for site owners whose sites have been compromised by spam. Essentially this means sites that have been hacked and are being used by third parties to either, hijack your traffic or use your site to promote their other sites through backlinks.  I first reported on this Read More

Technical SEO Case Study

You may have heard the story recently that “Technical SEO” is just make up.  Anyway a bad article that is generating a lot of backlinks for Search Engine Land from outraged SEOs around the globe. Danny Sullivan the publisher of Search Engine Land admitted last week at SMX Seattle that they thought the article would generate Read More

Hillary Clinton, Google & SEO

Since I published last week’s story on Hillary Clinton & Google’s autocomplete, Google emailed the Washington Post about the matter. Here is part of the statement as published “Google Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause, claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how Autocomplete works. Our Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query Read More

Welcome back Rankers! Recording from home today as it’s a public holiday here in Australia. Happy birthday to our Queen. One of several birthdays she gets every year I believe. Funny how we get a day off but the Poms don’t. Anyway. The big news in search over the weekend has been good old Hillary Read More

Reporting Backlink SEO Spam

How To Get Back At Bad Backlinks Welcome back Rankers! I’m taking the moral high ground again this week on the subject of backlinks. I received many questions at The Internet Conference and also from my last couple of videos about bad backlinks, how you can find out if someone has bad backlinks, or how do you Read More

Backlinks Are Bad For Your SEO

Had an awesome time last week at The Internet Conference. A big thank you to all those that attended my sessions and made a point of coming up and saying hello. For those of you that I promised the SEMRUSH freebie, there’ll be an email coming with the details. Backlinks As you know I am Read More

Recovering from deindexing

Welcome back Rankers! Off to The Internet Conference this week, so looking forward to that Gold Coast sunshine. Thought I’d do a search for eCommerce to see what’s been in the news this week. Didn’t find a great deal except for a great featured answer picked up by Network Solutions. My search did show a Read More