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Google Fred Update Part 2

This is part 2 of the Google Fred update and what we’re seeing. Watch part 1 here.  Welcome back Rankers! Jeez, a lot of people had a lot of interest in last week’s video about Fred. In case you missed it, Fred was the name of the latest Google update on March 9. It was Read More

Google Update “Fred” March 9

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Welcome back Rankers! Guess what? Another update! Yeah, I know. In fairness to Google, they do say they make a lot of updates. They’ve stated previously that they do two per day. Some of them minor, but this one appears to be large although we can’t find any of our own clients, or Read More

Organic Social Media Is Dead

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Welcome back Rankers! How are you going? Guess what, apparently organic social media traffic is dead. That is from the man that set up and runs the ‘Social Media Examiner,’ Mike Stelzner. He’s a really smart bloke. This is a great little podcast over at with Keith Krance, Molly Pittman and Ralph Read More

How To Hire An SEO

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Welcome back Rankers! How are you? Good? Look, for years we’ve been told that SEO is dead, it’s old, it’s going out the window, you’ve got to get on to social, you’ve got to put all your money in there. “Don’t worry about SEO anymore, it’s gone, finished!” I even have an article Read More

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Welcome back Rankers! Are you all having a good week? Back on 7 February there was an update. There was a lot of chatter online, but I didn’t talk about it at the time because there wasn’t a lot of data around. Since then we’ve collected quite an amount of data since we Read More

US Military “Not Secure”

Welcome back Rankers! Have you got all your HTTP done? We were talking to a few clients at the end of January who still hadn’t had their HTTPS done. Many still had HTTP for most of their sites, but their password areas, their shopping carts, or anywhere they were collecting credit cards they actually had Read More

Use Google Trends to Map Your SEO

Welcome back Rankers! I wanted to show you a couple of things this week. First of all we’re going to talk a bit about President Donald Trump because there’s some good data around. This is a Tweet I did to @realDonaldTrump last week. You can see the spike and the number of Tweets over a Read More

Crawl Budget Explained Welcome back Rankers! There was a story a couple of weeks ago about ‘Crawl Budget’. There has been a lot of talk around Crawl Budget, hence Google doing a story on it on I’ve done shows about this before and have spoken about it, but this is the first time I’ve Read More

HTTPS Not Secure Warnings Live

Welcome back Rankers! Hope you’re all having a good week. An interesting thing has happened this week. Over the weekend, Google started sending out warning messages to website owners from Google Search Console. Now if you don’t have Google Search Console set up, then you wouldn’t have received one of these messages. So Google is Read More

Google Trends, SEO and Predictions

Welcome back Rankers! I thought I’d take a look at Google Trends this week because there are a few elections happening and, as we know from the U.S. Presidential elections from the past twelve years, a good predictor of that is Google Trends. So I thought it would be a good exercise to show you Read More