A 15 Minute SEO Audit

Next week I’ll be at the PeSA Conference where amongst other things, I’ll be conducting SEO audits in 15 min blocks. Here is how I quickly assess a site for SEO. 1. Screaming Frog This is probably the best SEO tool out there. Like most good SEO tools, it brings everything together so you can quickly Read More

SEO Support Services

I’m in Sydney at CeBIT this week which is a lot of fun. I could think of worse places to be than at conference immersed in full on tech geekery. We have a stand here and I am talking to a lot of marketers about the problems they are facing with their SEO. There are Read More

Where’s the mobile update?

What a fizzer. All that tumult and turmoil for nothing? It would seem that way wouldn’t it. So two months ago, Google told us to be mobile ready because they were making a big change and would be rewarding sites that were mobile friendly. April 21 they said, be ready they said, you could lose Read More

Mobile Update, 5 Myths

Boy there’s a lot of nonsense being published about today’s mobile update from Google. One of the most inaccurate articles was published yesterday in Fairfax papers. I’m not linking to it because I do not want to give it any more oxygen. It needs to be buried. I thought I’d address the top 5 myths Read More