International SEO

TRANSCRIPT Welcome back Rankers! If you remember from last week’s video we covered a project called ‘yvprojects’ and we did a site: search and had no results. Now the full site has been indexed, because Yvonne went and did exactly as I suggested and the result is that the site is finally indexed. Looking at Read More

Google Not Indexing My Site

Welcome back Rankers! Hope you’re having a good week. It looks like spring is finally here. Yay! I received an email from Mike SEO this week, which I wanted to go over. It was a wonderfully written piece, worthy of any publication, and this is what Mike SEO had to say, Now Mike, the smooth Read More

SEO Subtraction Equals Addition

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome back Rankers! I want to show you something this week that can be a little frustrating, especially when trying to explain it to clients. Much of the work we do here means having to wait for Google to catch up with us once we’ve completed a job. We have to go in everyday Read More

Welcome back Rankers! I’m going to talk today about a question that I get asked a lot. “What’s the best eCommerce platform for SEO?” It is a difficult question to answer depending on what is important to you from an SEO perspective. What I’ll do is take you through some of the things we look at, Read More