Welcome back ranker! May for us is eCommerce month because at the end of the month we have the big eCommerce conference, which we’ll be attending, and have our usual stand. I’ll be giving away time to do free audits at the stand and that sort of stuff. So in preparation, I thought we’d cover eCommerce topics Read More

SEMRush, Adwords Spy Games

  Welcome back Rankers! I’m back from India where I had a wonderful time. Jim’s travel tip: If you ever get the chance to visit a place called Fort Kochi in India, go. It was simply awesome. Hello to all my friends over there. So on the flight home I was sitting next to a Read More

Welcome back Rankers! I’m sitting here in Chennai, India, all dressed up in my wedding outfit which I’ll be in trouble for wearing early if I get caught. We’re over here to attend the wedding of one of our team, Vandi. It’s a wonderful place and we’ve seen so much already, we’re having a ball Read More

“Featured Answers” is Good SEO

Hi all. Last show from Melbourne, as I’ll be away next week. If all goes well I’ll be coming to you from sunny Chennai in India. Fairly confident I won’t be subjected to any of the torrential rain we’ve had here this morning. I talked a little last year about featured answers and wanted to Read More