Mobile SEO Update

Last Friday I did a quick video and blog post on an announcement from Google that did not get a lot of coverage for some reason.  The Google announcement I mean, not my post. It was announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog and when you read it, it sounds like you will be rewarded Read More

eCommerce Conference & Expo Melbourne

Next week is our first conference for the year. It’s the eCommerce Conference & Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition & Conference centre (Jeff’s Shed). I’ve never even been to this conference as an attendee so I’m looking forward to it. We’ll be exhibiting there so make sure you pop in and say hello. I’ll be Read More

Mobile Search Penalties

Technically not actual penalties but they will definitely feel like it. As we’ve been saying for a while, Google will start to favour sites that are mobile friendly in mobile search. Back in January we told you about the mobile friendly warnings which is always a sure sign that Google is about to whack you. Google Read More

Good UX Is Good SEO

SEO used to be all about tricking Google and in many circles it still is. However that approach is not suitable for a business that wants to build a brand. If you’re a hit and run kind of business it’s probably fine but for most of us we’re trying to establish a long term relationship Read More