Mobile Update, 5 Myths

Boy there’s a lot of nonsense being published about today’s mobile update from Google. One of the most inaccurate articles was published yesterday in Fairfax papers. I’m not linking to it because I do not want to give it any more oxygen. It needs to be buried. I thought I’d address the top 5 myths Read More

Google’s Mobile SEO Update & ASX200

Back on March 19, I was on SkyNews talking about the impending Google Mobile Update with the looming deadline of April 21. One of the questions I was asked was, will any ASX listed company have an earnings dip in Q2 because they were not ready for this update. I answered yes straight away just Read More

NAB About To Be Hit By Google

As the Google mobile update of April 21 staggers towards us like a giant lumbering 8 bit minecraft  monster operated by a four year old, I’m amazed at the lack of panic. This update will slash the revenue of a lot of businesses. Big ones too. In this week’s show I take a look at Read More

Going Mobile A Reality Check

Google is forcing you to be mobile ready or in three weeks time you will get smashed in mobile search.  As Ive demonstrated previously, that can mean a large chunk of revenue for some businesses.  In case you missed it, on April 21 Google will be launching an update to mobile search results. If that Read More