Moving to HTTPS, 5 Important Steps

Yesterday one of our client’s hosting companies accidentally applied https to their site. It was via the popular server management software WHM. Apparently there has been an update recently for “auto SSL“. If your hosting company installs that update, it will automatically apply SSL and update it the certificate as required. That is a BIG issue if Read More

Easily Get 5 Star Google Reviews

Welcome back Rankers! I want to cover a couple of things this week, the first being Google Trends. You may remember we did the story last week about how Google Trends has successfully predicted the outcome of elections. The next big election I believe is coming up is in France. If there is another in Read More

This is a short post but I hope you find it interesting. I love Google trends. In most cases I prefer to use it for keyword research than the Adwords keyword planner tool. It’s more granular and allows me to see the difference between plural and singular. Now with it’s added features that will allow Read More

After I finished recording yesterday, I logged onto Twitter and saw this question by Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting. Eric has been around forever and his SEO knowledge is immense. I suspect he already knew the answer to his question but I thought it was timely. Then today Google reconfirmed that shorter domain names Read More