Ad Blockers & Ad Targeting

Back in 1990 just before I discovered the Internet, I was selling newspaper advertising. I’d already got into computers a few years earlier with my trusty Spectravideo SV318. I worked for a newspaper called The Melbourne Times and I used to look after all the restaurants & entertainment advertising. Back then you used to have Read More

2 SEO Tweaks To Get The Edge

UPDATE: Video transcript available for ‘2 SEO Tweaks To Get The Edge’. Well this week marks my 10 years of doing the weekly SEO show. Over 500 episodes and 250,000 views. Thank you for watching and sharing. I really do appreciate it. This week I wanted to share a couple of techniques I use when Read More

UPDATE: Video transcript available for ‘SEO Site Upgrade: 7 questions for your webmaster’. Most web developers at best don’t do SEO, at worst it’s not even on their radar. I am constantly talking to business owners who are scratching their heads trying to work out why their rankings disappeared when they pushed their new sites Read More

2 SEO Elements To Check Weekly

UPDATE: Video transcript available for ‘2 SEO Elements To Check Weekly’. Check Your Rankings When I got back from holidays, one of the sites I had been working on for our BloggersSEO product had dropped like a rock for one of it’s phrases. For our normal clients the rankings get checked daily but this site Read More