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Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne

by on January 8, 2007

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Well I currently rank no.1 for SEO Melbourne in all the major search engines. However now that I have achieved this extremely difficult ranking I have decided to ditch my blog entries of 3 years and start afresh.

WHAT!? I hear you ask. Won’t that adversely affect my rankings? Yep you bet! So why do it? Well firstly I love a challenge. You may think SEO Melbourne is a good thing to rank for but it really is only good for bragging rights. My clients are not searching for these sorts of phrases. That is the key, to know what your clients are searching for SEO, as a term is just jargon. I will continue to rank for other phrases my clients are searching for but I don’t expect to rank for bragging phrases any more like Workchoice (which I ranked no.1 for nearly two years) or SEO Melbourne.

From a business perspective I will be focussing only on terms I want to make a $ out of. Like my soon to be launched SEO Video site.

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