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Google Panda Update?

by on December 13, 2012

Every morning I look at ranking reports of every client before I get out of bed. This morning was no different. Our reporting software AWR starts the run about midnight and is usually finished about 8 hours later. I start looking at the reports at around 6:30am depending if it’s my turn to give our dogs breakfast or my wife’s. As my wife had to take our 12 month old dog off to have the unkindest cut at the vet this morning, she got up early whilst I got the caffeine in bed and started reading reports on the iPad.

SEO Melbourne ;)

Unsuspecting Beau off to the Vet

Rankings Up.

The first report was good, all keywords we were tracking were up and a new no.1 for the client. Second report, same thing, all words up. Third, report, fourth report same thing.. my heart skipped a beat… “coool” I thought. “oh wow” I muttered. “What’s wrong” My wife enquired as she is used to the highs and lows that are the life of an SEO. UPDATE! Whenever I see rankings move up for all clients on the same day, ivariably there has been an update to the algorithm. I’m not sure if this falls into a Panda quality update or something else but there has definitely been a disturbance in the force. When I asked on Twitter earlier and went search for articles there was no mentions of it. Now I’m seeing people discuss it on Twitter. It seems some people have been hit hard by it. This is of course why Google does updates, to get rid of spam in the search results. Whilst most of our clients are Melbourne based we also monitor .com as well for some of them and this change seems consistent across .au & .com

SEO ranking report

Has it affected your rankings? What are you seeing? I can’t see any clients that have dropped so I’m not sure what the tweak was. Any ideas?


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