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Give Your AdWords Campaign a Boost this Holiday Season

by on December 13, 2011

Although many businesses increase their marketing budgets during the holidays, many don’t bother to optimise their AdWords account for the festive season. While there are endless ways to capitalise on the rush of holiday shoppers, today we’re going to focus on how to easily produce holiday-specific ad copy and how to enable holiday-themed site link extensions on your ads.

Analyse Your Competitors

The first step to creating the perfect holiday-themed AdWords campaign is doing your research. Analyse your competitors with the AdSense Sandbox to gain a better understanding on the types of promotions they are running and cross reference with Google searches to gain an understanding of what’s working for your AdWords competitors. Alternatively there are paid services available online that can give you more detailed analysis of your competitors AdWords campaigns if you wanted to delve further into the rabbit hole.

Crafting Holiday Ad Copy

Once you’ve got all the information its time to create some holiday ad copy. The most time-effective way to do this is to replicate the most successful ads in your account and add a holiday promotional offer somewhere in the ad. Phrases like ‘holiday discounts’ or ‘christmas specials’ in the headline are a good start, but try to make the promotional offer as relevant to your target market and your business as possible. Ad copy can also be created from scratch by using a mixture of your competitor analysis with what’s working from your current ads, but try to stick with tried and tested copy for time-sensitive campaigns.

AdWords Site Link Extensions

Site link extension are additional links in your AdWords ads that allow users to access parts of your website than may not necessarily be your landing page. In the example below, we can either click on the main link for the landing page or navigate straight to a direct holiday category through the site link extensions.

AdWords Holiday Themed Site Link Extensions

Site link extensions provide you with more ad space to build your holiday message and are an ingenious way to grab more screen real estate. Holiday specific site links give you a great way to fit in holiday specials or promotions you may be running but have a hard time fitting into your ads. The site link extensions in the ad above are perfect examples of how to promote additional holiday specials while still telling a story within your ad. Keep in mind that Google allows you to order site link extensions in any way you would like, meaning you can craft an additional line of copy if you’re crafty with the feature.

Enabling Site Link Extensions

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account and click on the campaign you would like to add site link extensions to.
  2. Click on the ‘ad extensions’ tab
  3. Select the view tab and change the drop-down to ‘site extensions’
  4. Click new extension and type in your descriptions and destination URL’s
  5. Click save

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