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Melbourne SEO Webinar

by Jim October 31, 2014

So yesterday I learned something about Melbourne. It turns out I don’t talk about it enough. I was finishing up my SEO webinar from here in Melbourne and I went and had a look at our content keywords in Google webmaster tools. Turns out the significance of the word Melbourne across our site has dropped [...]

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Welcome Back Rankers

by Jim October 30, 2014

In about 40 minutes I’m about to do my first live webinar in 10 or 12 years. I first started doing live webcasts as we used to call them, back in 1997. It’s a lot easier now let me assure you! As this is an SEO webinar I thought I’d write a post and try [...]

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A Sneaky Little Panda

by Jim October 29, 2014

In last week’s post I mentioned that it felt like there had been a Panda update as well as a Penguin one. From the data we are looking at it, it looks like Panda hit Australia last Sunday the 19th. We have several clients that experienced really good jumps across the board with rankings pre [...]

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Google Penguin or Panda?

by Jim October 22, 2014

Yesterday it was a flurry of activity in the office. In the morning I was off at the ATSA2014 conference on behalf of MYOB & The Savvy Accountant podcast series which I host. When I got back into my car to head back to the office my phone was buzzing with messages. Google had announced [...]

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