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Facebook Ads Blitz Google

by Jim April 16, 2014

This post is not about beating up on Google. It is really more about how much cheaper it is to sell stuff via Facebook, for one of our clients anyway. A few weeks back I did a show on Facebook vs Google. I introduced you to a couple of new audience features we were playing [...]

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Recovering From A Manual Penalty

by Jim April 9, 2014

If you have been hit with a manual penalty from Google it’s your lucky day! I know it may not feel like that when you see your traffic and rankings plummet but the alternative of dropping away without knowing why is a far greater dilemma. By getting a manual spam action, it allows you to [...]

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Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

by Jim April 2, 2014

You may have heard that since I learned of the new types of ads available on Facebook from the Beers Blokes and Business episode “What’s Up Zuck?”, I immediately started trialling it for ourselves and some of our clients. I admit that up until then I had not been much of a fan of Facebook [...]

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The single most important SEO check.

by Jim March 26, 2014

Matt Cutts released a video yesterday in response to a viewer question about being hit by an algorithm change or a manual penalty. He explained you should do all the usual checks in Google webmaster tools as well as making sure you have a healthy site. The big check he did not tell you to [...]

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