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Bigcommerce SEO

by Jim October 20, 2014

Bigcommerce made some SEO “improvements” back in June. Problem is they actually had some very negative SEO impacts. Thanks to “Dylan” who saw one of my posts on Twitter. He forwarded me their newsletter from June where they discuss their improvements and also have a free SEO eBook. For an ecommerce platform, their SEO ebook [...]

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Top SEOs Smashed In Australia

by Jim October 15, 2014

Last Wednesday it was reported that long time SEO “ranking” or “awards” company was absolutely smashed by Google and removed from the index. According to the story over at Searchengineland Top SEOs has being using a couple of domains since their deindexing by Google including and As you will see from today’s video [...]

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Webmaster tools wants you to setup 4 sites

by Jim October 8, 2014

Even though you are not using three of them. Several weeks back we brought you the story of setting up HTTPS for a ranking boost.  In that video and accompanyingblog post I take you through the steps. This week Google has started sending messages in webmaster tools about setting up all the different versions of [...]

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Google Panda 4.1 Really?

by Jim October 1, 2014

Last Friday Pierre Far of Google announced on G+ that there had been a Panda update to the algorithm. For those playing along at home this would be update 4.1 . Whilst I have seen some reports of ranking devastation for the most part I have not seen anything like this in Australian results. Some local [...]

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