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The Saga Of The SEO Consultant

by Jim September 19, 2014

Well that was fascinating. The post I wrote yesterday afternoon has resulted in in a 3 spot bump for SEO Consultant Melbourne plus a 1 spot bump for SEO consultant. Taking a closer look at the results for SEO Consultant Melbourne reveals some strange rankings. For instance there is a Linkedin profile. On closer inspection [...]

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SEO Consultant Update

by Jim September 18, 2014

You may remember about 14 months ago I wrote a series of articles about getting ranked for the phrase SEO Consultant Melbourne. I got the page to no.1 very quickly and then subsequently we went to no.1 for SEO Consultant as well. Since then I have done nothing on the phrases and just recently we [...]

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Digital Ready Business Kit

by Jim September 17, 2014

First of all I just want to apologise in advance to anyone involved in the site or the organisation behind ACCAN (Australian Communications Consumer Action Network). Their site was pointed out to me by know trouble maker and journalist, Paul Wallbank. He posted the link on Facebook last night after I had already recorded [...]

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A Post Authorship World; 4 Takeaways

by Jim September 10, 2014

You may have missed the announcement last week that Google killed off Authorship. They did not make a big song and dance about it, just quietly took it out the back and choked the life out of it. As many viewers will know I have been a big advocate of the IDEA of authorship because [...]

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