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Google to give a boost to mobile ready sites.

by Jim November 26, 2014

Google have not come out and specifically said your site will rank higher in mobile if it is optimised for mobile but they may as well have. It the last 6 weeks there has been a flurry of activity around mobile search results which usually means a ranking signal change is on it’s way. Smartphone [...]

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Over A Million Pages Hacked For SEO

by Jim November 19, 2014

Last week I brought you a story about a Melbourne retailer who’s SEO got clobbered. I soon worked out that the story was much bigger than I first thought and did a follow up the next day specifically about Ugg Australia. So far I have found over million web pages in the space that [...]

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Ugg Australia SEO

by Jim November 13, 2014

Since yesterday’s blog and video I’ve been doing some more digging on the problem. Here are the searches so far that will reveal sites compromised and copying someone else’s site. inurl:wikihow1.asp inurl:ugg.asp You can add numbered variants on this and you will get even more results. So inurl:ugg6.asp gives results showing the problem. Just using inurl:ugg.asp shows [...]

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Ugg-ly exploits

by Jim November 12, 2014

Out of the blue the other night, an SEO mate contacted me and said he had a good story. I’ve known Chris for years, formerly of Melbourne now in Hong Kong. Chris told me about his Melbourne mate who retailed Ugg boots. It turned out that when you Googled his brand his site had disappeared [...]

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